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Pioneering a truly revolutionary hemp extract product, rich in CBD, CBG and Terpenes

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With just a few weeks into shipping our initial release of RECEPT Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract, we continue to hear wonderful testimonials from all of our Affiliates and Customers!! RECEPT is a Giant Leap forward in the Hemp Oil industry and we are proud to introduce it to the world with all of you! We would like to take a moment to answer some of the questions that we have been receiving from you in order to help support you and your teams and set the expectations for this new product.

Our groundbreaking Nano-Sonicated Technology™ is truly a unique, natural and unparalleled delivery system. Because of its efficiency, each of our RECEPT batches will deviate slightly in taste. While our liposomes range between 15-25nM, the smaller averaged nanoparticle batches are delivering the flavor deeper and faster, which has shown that the experience can be slightly overwhelming to some. It should be a refreshing peppermint taste like an Altoid, for example. The terpene profile included in RECEPT also adds additional taste, such as the citrus which you may experience as well. Furthermore, the high concentration of terpenes can cause a feeling of “burning” in the back of the throat, so start small and build up to the proper dosage for you. Remember, that RECEPT is much stronger in CBD, CBG and Terpenes than our previous product, so you can take less than normal for a greater effect.

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The texture/color should be similar to that of skim milk, as raw liposomes in their natural state give off a cloudy color. To remove the cloudiness, we could have kept the high ethanol in our former product, but we felt it was important to produce an ethanol-free product. The lecithin in the RECEPT may become thick if the bottle has not been opened and/or sat unused for several days and you will need to shake the bottle of RECEPT to break up the possible clumpy texture caused by the lecithin adhering to the nanoparticles. This does not affect the quality of the product, but will help with the appearance and the texture of the product.

Please note that we will continue to evolve our proprietary formulation to perfection with slight variations in taste and texture! We anticipate adjusting the lecithin to eliminate the clumpy texture in RECEPT as it has caused the lecithin to attract the nanoparticles. Again, this is for the appearance and texture only and not the quality and effectiveness of the product.

RECEPT is a powerful supplement and we encourage you to begin with 1 mL daily and then build up your daily dosage depending on the advice of your healthcare provider. Since RECEPT includes CBD and CBG along with the 7 terpenes, your body could experience detox-like symptoms, so again, start small and build based on how you feel.

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