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Calcium Chloride: Calcium helps promote healthy bones and the normal functioning of muscles, nerves and cells in the body.

Magnesium Chloride: Magnesium chloride can help improve immunity, decrease risk of developing migraines, improve relaxation and more.

B-Complex: B-complex vitamins may help keep skin and blood cells healthy as well as convert nutrients into energy.

Hydroxocobalamin B12: It is designed to help treat low levels of Vitamin B12, as well as promote healthy brain function, blood, cells and nerves.



This Infusion is compounded to help relieve symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome. It is customized IV Infusion that includes premium-quality compounds.


Alleviate IV may:

  • Help minimize bloating
  • Reduce abdominal discomfort
  • Improve irritability
  • Help decrease lower back pain


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