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Physicals Specialist

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Physicals are an important step in preparing for school, sports, or work. At Advanced Wellness Center, the group of medical professionals offers physicals for both children and adults in a friendly and comfortable setting. Reach out to the Woodridge, Illinois, office or click the online scheduling link to arrange a physical now.

Physicals Q&A

What are physicals?

Physicals are exams that evaluate your overall health and wellness. Most children need a physical before they can participate in sports or attend school. Some adults may also need physicals as a requirement of their job or to qualify for an insurance policy. Advanced Wellness Center offers physicals tailored for your specific requirements. 

How are school and sports physicals different?

The main difference between school and sports physicals is that school physicals focus on the body and the mind while sports physicals focus primarily on the body. But, overall the two types of physicals are similar in many ways.

School physicals

During a school physical, your child's Advanced Wellness Center provider performs an overall health and wellness check. This includes checking vital signs, vision, hearing, heart, lungs, skin, posture, flexibility, and many other aspects of their physical health. 

Your child's provider also checks on their mental and emotional health. This can encompass age-appropriate topics like drugs, alcohol, peer pressure, personal relationships, and sex along with many other areas. 

Sports physicals

Sports physicals include the same health checks as a school physical, with a particular focus on physical fitness. This type of physical evaluates general fitness, monitors injuries, and identifies injury risk factors. 

Your child's provider can also make personalized recommendations for protective equipment and other ways of staying safe while playing their sport.  

During both school and sports physicals, your child may need to provide a blood or urine sample for lab testing. If your child needs new or updated immunizations to meet exam requirements, their provider can administer those during either school or sports physicals.

How can I prepare for physicals?

Before a physical, gather any paperwork from the school or governing body. If you or your child isn’t already a patient at Advanced Wellness Center, obtain vaccination records or request that your current provider send them to the office. 

If you or your child takes any medicine, bring a list of those drugs, including over-the-counter medications and natural supplements. Additionally, bring along glasses, contacts, hearing aids, or any other devices or tools that help you or your child see or hear. 

Advanced Wellness Center can provide you with a specific list of any additional information the providers may need before your scheduled exam.

Book a school or sports physical by calling Advanced Wellness Center or clicking the online booking tool now.